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In an effort to offer our guests the very best in value we are constantly updating and adding to our facility and our services. If you don’t know already here are some of the things we have accomplished: 

During 2001 and early 2002, we remodeled the Bunk House exterior and mechanicals, installed a basketball hoop, built 2 horseshoe pits, installed 10 barbeque pits around the property, purchased a new chest freezer, remodeled the lobby, added a 40 foot deck on the front of the main lodge, carpeted units 23/24/25/26, installed a new phone system with voice mail, opened the pool (first time in six years), implemented a computerized reservation system, launched our web site, and upgraded or replaced many of our internal systems for heat, water and septic.

During the fall of 2002 and winter of 2003, we installed alarm clocks in all rooms, upgraded rooms 26, 27, and 34 to a five bed configuration, freshly painted every room, and in general freshened every unit in the facility.

Summer of 2003 was time to add another new deck on the Little House,  and a lot of landscaping

In 2004  we are remodeled the interior of the units in the Little House and the Bunk House.

2006 brought new roofs to the A and B buildings on the Hill and an upgrade to our septic system.

In 2008 we added Free long distance to our phone system and WI-FI internet service in the Main Lodge.

2009 saw a new deck on the Bunk House building and an upgrade to the hot water system in the building.

Other upgrades that no one "sees" include new hot water systems in all buildings, new water treatment equipment, new window blinds in every unit, new lampshades in every unit, a new heat boiler system in the Main Lodge, and new laundry equipment.

All these upgrades or changes are for the comfort, convenience and overall enjoyment of each guest during their visit with our family.

We are NOT done yet, and have several changes in the planning process.